Scale Academy

Our Services

Paid Social Media ADS

Experts in scaling, our key service is paid social media ads, predominantly Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. We’re experienced in helping established brands scaled their social ads to new levels.

Paid Google ADS

We believe that paid Google ads (PPC) go hand in hand with paid social ads. Our specialist team of Google ad experts work to build out search and display network ads to generate conversions from search traffic.

Email Marketing

Not running a proper email marketing strategy is like leaving money on the table. Our email marketing service creates bespoke flows and engaging campaigns to reconnect with customers on a different platform.

Organic Social Media Management

As well as running paid ads, our team has years of experience managing organic social media channels. Our creative team knows all the tricks to create engaging, fresh content for all your channels to boost following and social proof.

What people say about our services:

“Came to this company last year as a start up with not much revenue coming in from my online store, within 6 months I was seeing 60k per month sales. Can’t speak high enough of this company. Thank you all for taking my small business to the next level”


eCommerce Business Owner